Welcome to new members of Sacred Heart Parish, Morriston

Please introduce yourself to our Parish Priest, Father Jason Jones,  and help us to keep in touch with you by registering yourself and family in the parish by filling in one of our YELLOW REGISTRATION forms.  

Every Catholic should be registered as a member of a parish community. To become a registered member of Sacred Heart Parish, please complete a FAMILY CENSUS FORM. These (yellow) forms are available in the porch of the Church; if you are housebound and unable to get to the Church, then please call the Office and a form will be sent to you directly. Alternatively, download the Parish Registration Form 2021 from this site, complete it and return to the Presbytery. Completed forms should be returned directly to the Parish Priest. We are the Body of Christ. We exist for each other. No one should be faceless or nameless.

Parish registration becomes important when you wish to make plans for marriage in the Catholic Church, for your baby’s baptism, for the reception of First Holy Communion or Confirmation in the parish and for funerals. Responsible members of a parish support the work of the Church by using the Offertory Envelopes or by Standing Order through your bank. The suggested weekly contribution is the equivalent of one hour’s wage.

If you change your address or telephone number, please let us know so that we can keep in touch with you more easily.