Regular hirers of the Sacred Heart Centre

Please see below as a guide to when the halls and seminar rooms in the Sacred Heart Centre building are in regular use. The building is increasingly busy with a mix of parish and community uses. Gaps in the timetable are often necessary for cleaning and maintenance, and one-off parish events.


5.00-8.00pm Kite Theatre Group main hall and upstairs seminar room 1

6.00-7.00pm Swansea Valleys Bounce Fit back hall

7.00-8.30pm Andrea Steele Line Dancing back hall

7.00-8.00pm Lectio Divina group (Parish) upstairs seminar room 2



10.00-11.00 Zoe Watkins Pilates (Mums and babies) back hall

1.00-4.00pm (fortnightly): Stroke club (Parish) back hall

4.00-6.00pm Harmony Guitar group (Parish) back hall

6.00-7.00pm Zumba Gem back hall

7.00-8.00pm Clair – dance class

5.30-8.30pm Kenshin Karate Club main hall



9.30-10.30 Zoe Watkins Pilates main hall

3.00-5.00pm Parish Over 50s club (first Wednesdays) back hall

6.00-7.00pm Zoe Watkins Pilates main hall

5.30-8.00pm Indian Dance back hall

7.00-8.00pm Jive Class main hall

8.00pm Hearts Alive Youth Group (Parish, first Wednesday of each month) back hall



9.00-11.00am Weight Watchers Helen Davies back hall

1.00-4.00pm Tracscare Ltd back hall

3.30-5.30pm Kumon Centre classes main hall

4.00-7.00pm Tiny Toes Ballet back hall

5.30-8.30pm Kenshin Karate Club main hall

7.30-9.30pm Sweyn’s Ey Morris Dancers (autumn/winter) back hall

7.00pm Saint Vincent de Paul Society SVP (Parish) upstairs seminar room 1


10.00am-12.00pm: Andrea Steele Line dancing  back hall

8.00pm Catholic Club (Parish, first Friday of each month) back hall


9.00-10.00am Paul Rees Circuit Training back hall

9.30-10.00am Paul Relf Music Theory classes (Parish) main hall

10.30am-12.30pm: Helen O’Grady Drama Academy main hall

3.30-5.00pm Parish Sisters Catechism classes back hall and Upstairs 1

3.30-5.00pm Paul Relf Music lessons (Parish) main hall (organ/piano)


After 9.30am Mass – Tea and Coffee – all welcome! (Parish) side foyer

First Sundays after 3.00pm Latin Extraordinary Form Mass – Tea and Coffee back hall

4.30-6.00pm Sacred Heart Parish Choir practice main hall

5.00-6.15pm Confirmation class (Parish) back hall/upstairs seminar room 1